Best self help books

Here we will be exploring 9 best self help books which will change your life after reading those books and implementing the ideas given in that books. So lets get started and discover those 9 best self help books under 199 rupees.


Think and Grow Rich

This self help book exploits your power of thought to manifest your strong desires. Author Napoleon Hill tells us about desire, faith, auto-suggestion, specialized knowledge, Imagination, organized planning, decision, persistence, power of mastermind, subconscious mind, etc. This book uses power of thought to manifest strong desires and a definite purpose into reality.

The Power of Subconscious Mind

This self help book tells us about subconscious mind as title of the book says. Author of the book Dr. Joseph Murphy says, "The Law Of Life Is The Law Of Belief". You should read this book to use your subconscious mind effectively.

How to Win Friends and Influence People

The author of this self help book Dale Carnegie tells many things through this book. Some of the concepts are fundamental techniques in handling people, how to win people into your way of thinking, learn how to be a good listener, etc.

Attitude is Everything

Author Jeff Keller was lawyer and motivational speaker. He tells us to always keep our attitude positive with confident body posture. This self help book will help you to develop a positive attitude as well as clean off the mental window.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

Author Mark Manson tells us to learn and focus, prioritize our thoughts, pick and choose what matters to us, etc. This self help book is really straight forward and youth can take advantage of it the most, by reading it.

Eat That Frog

Author Brian Tracy gave 21 tips in this book. Some of the tips are, Brian Tracy's 3D's, planning in advance, 80/20 rule, understand all consequences and time, is procrastination ever ok, Abcde method, key result areas, etc. This self help book will help you to fight against procrastination.


Author Rhonda Byrne tells us about law of attraction in this book. Law of attraction is most powerful law of this universe. This self help book explores you towards the real secret of life that is the law of attraction.

The Power of Positive Thinking

Author Norman Vincent Peale tells us many terms about positive thinking. Such as believe in yourself, a peaceful mind generates power, how to have constant energy, try prayer power, etc. This self help book will increase your power of thinking positive.

The 5am Club

Author Robin Sharma focuses on 4 principles in this book. Such as use 20/20/20 formula, twin cycle of elite performer, the 4 interior empires and habit installation protocol. This self help book will shape you in terms of discipline in your life.